International Doorway Women's Empowerment

What We Do

ID WE will take place on July 4th to 14th 2013 at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) Daytona Beach Campus, USA. The program promotes learning and acquisition of important insight on female leadership and empowerment. In an environment of networking, mentoring and cultural exchange, and through the contributions of  speakers and recognized academic experts, participants will learn about the role of women in society, gender management, coaching for personal and professional success, and other important topics.

In addition, ID WE seeks to improve networking, mentoring and team building among participants, providing recreational and social activities, including visits to Universal Studios, Wet & Wild and Down Town Disney.

International students that enroll in the ID Women’s Empowerment Program and wish to begin or continue their Education in the US will receive Scholarship for ESL courses, undergraduate or graduate degrees.  IDEA College Fair, Universities Presentations and US Educational seminars are also part of our Program.

How We Do It

Living on campus during 11 days training with peers, within a framework of cultural exchange, mentoring and networking, ID WE seeks to empower participants' leadership potential and promote their access to study in the US.

Through the contributions of highly regarded speakers and prestigious academic experts, participants will learn about the role of women in society, female management, coaching for personal and professional success, negotiation, and personal marketing, among other topics.

Main Topics

Women's leadership: the power of women
Women as change agents
Women's political and social participation
The power of mentoring
Business barriers and opportunities for women
Reconciling work & family
The power of networking & social networks
Money & finance: Let's talk about money!
Public speaking and media training: you are the message
Negotiation: let's win-win
Personal marketing: the brand called YOU!

Coaching for Success in professional & personal life
Gender Violence
Environment & Women

  • Universities Presentations
College Fairs
Among other topics