International Doorway Women's Empowerment

ID Women's Empowerment

ID Women's Empowerment (ID WE) is the first international leadership training camp created to unveil the talent and power of young women from around the world. By stimulating cultural exchange, mentoring and networking the Program allows women to take a step forward in their personal and professional growth, acquiring a transformative vision of their role, deepening their knowledge on female leadership and empowerment while living a life changing experience in a US University campus.


As part of the program, women who wish to further their education can obtain scholarships to study in the US.
Throughout an 11 day training that takes place from July 4th to 14th 2013 at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) Daytona Beach, Florida, USA, the program seeks to empower participants by developing their leadership potential.


Through ID WE Program, women who wish to further their education in the US can obtain scholarships for ESL courses, Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees while providing knowledge of US education.

Through the contributions of highly regarded speakers and prestigious academic experts, participants will learn about the role of women in society, female management, coaching for personal and professional success, negotiation, and personal marketing, among others topics. Additionally, ID WE will provide recreational and social activities, including visits to Daytona Beach's and theme parks in Orlando.

Participant will achieve

Without women participating in the decision making process we suffer the loss of their input and half of Humanity is being left out.

Women's participation in important decision making is both valuable and transforming.

Leadership skills:
Participants will identify and develop their unique leadership characteristics.

Upon return to their communities, participants will be better equipped and energized to make a difference in their respective countries.


  • Scholarship:

ID WE offers university scholarship placement to those young women who wish to further their education in the US. 

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